We have the expertise and technology to exceed
customers expectations in quality and productivity

Sanyo Canadian is an industry leader in the design and development of automated assembly and welding systems for the automotive sector. Sanyo offers a full range of in-house services from concept, through design to installation and on site service.

Since Sanyo Canadian's inception in 1982 in Elmira, Ontario, we have been consistently focusing on helping our customers achieve excellence through innovative and progressive solutions. Today, we enjoy a solid gold reputation among renowned North American and Global automotive makers for delivering advanced and robust assembly systems while simultaneously keeping costs and down time to the minimum.

Why Sanyo Canadian?

Sanyo Canadian is supported by the global resources and worldwide experience of Sanyo Machine Works Ltd., Nagoya, Japan and its sister company, Sanyo Machine America Corporation of Rochester Hills, Michigan.


Why Sanyo Canadian?

  • One-stop shop for all your design and manufacturing needs including mechanical design, control design, visualization and animation, robotic integration, machining and fabrication, teaching and debugging, piping and wiring as well as installation and after-sale support.
  • Our advanced welding and assembly systems produce high quality goods with less cycle time and cost.
  • Our engineers and technicians use advanced software programs and technical tools to give our customers a distinct edge over competition.
  • We have the technical expertise and proven track record to effortlessly meet your needs whether it is a single robot cell or a multi-robot, multi-cell inline welding and assembly system.


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