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In 1982 Sanyo Canadian started its automated assembly and welding systems design and manufacturing operations in Elmira, Ontario. Since its inception Sanyo Canadian has stood above the crowd through innovation and a commitment to high quality and performance. Today, Sanyo Canadian is a prominent name across the automotive marketplace in North America.


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Corporate Historic Milestones



We build solutions that reduce waste and cost and increase productivity and value

Sanyo Structure

Sanyo Canadian has the business organization and structure of a giant organization but the flexibility of a small one. This dynamic structure can easily adapt to our customers’ specific needs and guarantees performance.



Sanyo Worldwide


Sanyo Machine America Corporation
950 S. Rochester
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Tel: 248-651-5911
Fax: 248-651-5915
Website: Sanyo Machine America
Smart Automation Systems Inc.


Sanyo Machine Work, Ltd.
1 Oka, Okimura, Kitanagoya
Aichi 481-8540, Japan
Tel: 0568-21-1111
Fax: 0568-23-4711
Website: Sanyo Machine Japan
Sanyo Giken Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Kiko Co., Ltd.


Corporate Historic Milestones

Corporate Start-Up
1945   Takeshi Horiba started Sanmei Co., LTD., which sold electrical instruments in Nagoya City.

First Jigs, Guages and Test Instruments
1950   Sanyo Manufacturing Co., LTD., established with its head office at Hira, Yamada-cho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya.
1950   Started manufacturing jigs, gauges and test instruments.

First Nutrunner
1976   Automatic thread fastening device (DC Nutrunner) developed for actual use.

First Steps in North America
1963   Concluded a technical aid agreement concerning Press Line Automation Devices with the Press Automation Systems Corp.
1968   Technical aid contract made with Efficient Engineering Co. (U.S.A) for automatic welding device.
1969   Concluded a technical aid agreement concerning Automatic Assembly Devices with the Cargill Detroit Corp.
1979   Concluded a technical aid agreement concerning Adaptable Control-Resistance Welding Devices with Partron Corp.

First Plant in North America
1982   Masatake Horiba, President & CEO, started Sanyo Canada plant in Elmira, Ontario, Canada.

First Office in the U.S.A
1983   Detroit Office opened in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

3D and Visualization
2001   Introduced 3D simulation technology and 3D design for automated assembly and welding line systems.

2005   The 60th Anniversary for Sanyo Machine Japan.
2007   The 25th Anniversary for Sanyo Machine Canada.
2008   The 25th Anniversary for Sanyo Machine America.


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